Live Piano by Stijn 21/8

21 augustus 2022

Sunday, August 21 at Café Americain: Live Piano music by Pianist Stijn van den Berg. Come over and enjoy from 5.00 pm till 7.00 pm.


Stijn is a singer-songwriter and writes Dutch music that balances between Dutch pop and cabaret. He grew up in the Staatsliedenbuurt neighborhood in Amsterdam and accompanied his father on the piano at an early age with songs by chansonniers Ramses Shaffy and Jaques Brel. Every week he can now be seen in Pianobar Maxim on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

After studying at the Haarlem Conservatory, where he graduated as a pianist and songwriter, he decided to focus entirely on his own music. Most of the songs I write can really be categorized in the genre of cabaret, which is where I come from. I think that's cool, but I prefer to listen to some more compelling pop music myself,' says the singer. 'That's why I started looking for a more poppy sound at the beginning of 2019 together with my producer, inspired by artists like Snelle, Paul Sinha and Ruben Annink. The songs that will come out now were born out of that'.

With my music I hope to create a smile or a feeling of recognition, that's what music is all about for me. The combination of cabaret and pop makes that very well possible', says Stijn.