G&T's without alcohol

17 augustus 2018

Increasingly seen on the terraces are glasses of alcohol-without alcohol. Not only 0.0% beer but more and more is coming your way!  The alcohol free drinks get good company at Café Amercain. By gin without anything in it. Seedlip is the first distilled spirit without a drop of alcohol. Just like how chemists mixed herbs and spices to make their medicines in 1600, Seedlip distilled and makes his gin. Café Americain serves two variants: the spicy Spice 94 – with aromas of allspice, cardamom, oak and grapefruit – and 108-the Garden with the grassy flavors of peas, hay, peppermint, Rosemary, and thyme. And that shaken and mixed by our bartenders as any other gin in your favorite cocktails.